About GEORADAR-EXPERT Software System

The idea of developing the GEORADAR-EXPERT software arose as a result of the generalization of many years of experience in professional activities in the field of GPR research. Practical skills acquired at all stages of investigations with GPR (communication with the customer, development of field survey methods and their implementation, GPR data processing and the creation of a technical report) allowed the developers of GEORADAR-EXPERT to form their opinion on what capabilities should have modern software for processing GPR data and in what form should the final result of this processing be presented.

As a result, three main areas of software development for GPR were identified. The first is the development and implementation of algorithms that serve to increase the depth of GPR research and increase the resolution of GPR data. The second direction concerns the final result of processing GPR data. This is a refusal to present GPR data on the subsurface environment as a set of amplitudes of the reflected signals in the form of a radarogram and the transition to the final processing result in the form of a section that contains the characteristics of this environment. The third area is the minimization of the influence of the human factor on the process of processing GPR information and the automation of this process, which is important for growing volumes of GPR research from year to year, worldwide.

The GEORADAR-EXPERT software was developed taking into account all these aspects. This software includes both standard options for processing GPR data implemented in applications from numerous manufacturers of GPR software, as well as algorithms and methods developed specifically for GEORADAR-EXPERT that increase the informativeness and depth of GPR research. The main such development is the automated analysis of the BSEF (Back-Scattering Electromagnetic Field). The final result of processing GPR data by the BSEF automated analysis method are sections of the attributes of the electrophysical characteristics of the subsurface environment and the wave field recorded by GPR.

About bsef Analysis