Graphical User Interface

The graphical user interface of the GEORADAR-EXPERT software system is a set of tabs, each of which serves for specific tasks and contains panels with controls for these tasks. Tabs are located in the main program window. At the top of this window is the standard menu bar. The user can change the aspect ratio of the tabs or hide them. GEORADAR-EXPERT provides two modes of the main program window - 2D and 3D. 2D mode is designed to work with two-dimensional data - GPR profiles and sections created by the results of an automated BSEF analysis. The 3D mode is used to visualize the three-dimensional volume of GPR data, as well as slices of this volume. The three-dimensional volume is formed from attribute sections created by the BSEF analysis of a set of GPR profiles obtained during the areal GPR surveying. The main window mode changes automatically, depending on the type of data loaded into GEORADAR-EXPERT.

The following shows the main window of the GEORADAR-EXPERT software in 2D mode. The upper group of tabs serves to visualize two-dimensional data, graphs of the spectrum of signals and statistical information. In this example, the section visualization tab is active. Nearby are inactive tabs for visualizing the GPR profile and the amplitude-frequency spectrum of the signals of this profile. To activate a tab, the user needs to click on this tab, after which the data on this tab will be available, and the data on the other tabs from this group will be hidden.

In the left part of the GEORADAR-EXPERT main window there are tabs intended for graphical presentation of the BSEF analysis results, as well as controls for creating and visualizing the section based on the results of this analysis. In the lower part of the main window there is a group of tabs intended for placing control elements for displaying the radarogram, GPR profile properties and profile processing settings. All three groups of tabs are separated by two separators - vertical and horizontal, which contain buttons for controlling the size of the tabs.