Graphical User Interface

The GEORADAR-EXPERT graphical user interface is organized as tabs combined into groups. Each group of tabs is designed for certain tasks and contains panels with controls for these tasks. There are three groups of tabs, conditionally named according to their location in the main window of the software system - the left group, the top group and the bottom group. 

The left tab group is located in the left part of the main window of GEORADAR-EXPERT and contains panels of visualization of the results of automated BSEF analysis in the form of histograms, as well as panels with control elements of attribute section creation parameters. When GPR profile data file is loaded into the program, which does not contain the results of BSEF analysis, the left tab group is hidden and only the top and bottom tab groups remain in the main window of the software system. 

The bottom tab group is located in the bottom part of the main window of the software system and is used to place panels with control elements for processing and visualization of GPR profiles. The top group of tabs occupies the space limited by the left and bottom groups of tabs and is intended for visualization of GPR data and results of their processing. The user can change the ratio of tabs sizes, as well as hide the left and bottom groups, thereby increasing the data visualization area in the top tab group. 

The GEORADAR EXPERT provides two ways to organize the workspace of the main program window – 2D mode and 3D mode. Depending on what type of data is being loaded, the software system automatically selects the workspace mode corresponding to the loaded data. 

2D mode is designed to work with two-dimensional data, such as GPR profile and attribute section.  3D mode is used to work with a three-dimensional assembly of attribute sections created based on the results of BSEF automated analysis of GPR profiles obtained during GPR research, where a grid of GPR profiles covers the area of the object under survey. 

Further are screenshots of the main window of the GEORADAR-EXPERT software system in various configurations. Below is the main window in 2D mode with a tab for visualizing the attribute section. The tab ratio is set by default for a computer screen with a Full HD resolution.