Permafrost Investigation

During the operation of engineering structures built in permafrost conditions, negative geocryological processes may occur. The resulting taliks, subsidence zones and suffosion, cracks can lead to disruption of the integrity of buildings and their destruction. The existing system of borehole thermal monitoring of the foundations of the structures does not provide sufficient information about the state of the soils in the area of the structures. The reason for this is the insufficient density of the network of thermometric wells. In addition, negative temperatures do not always indicate frozen ground conditions. Accordingly, there is a need for additional research methods, and here GPR comes in first place.

The figure below shows the GPR profile obtained in the zone of development of negative geocryological processes. GPR profiling was carried out at the end of August in the territory of Yakutia. The GPR profile shows the position of thermometric wells with measurements obtained at different times of the year.